Sleeping to Remember: Why Women’s Poor Sleep May Affect Their Brain Health

Sleep is probably one of the most fascinating states of the mind and body. A good night’s sleep is essential for a fully functioning day ahead, so essential in fact, that this incredibly natural process has had years and years of research devoted to it. Numerous studies are conducted worldwide to further explain everything from…

Estrogen and the Brain: The Long Term Cognitive Effects of Estrogen Therapy in Older Trans Women

Estrogen therapy is commonly prescribed by physicians to transgender women who chose to undergo gender confirmation surgery(ies). Estrogens are a versatile group of hormones with a variety of roles in the human body, one of them being involved in cognitive processes such as memory. So, do trans women’s cognitive abilities change as they take estrogen…

How Sex-Based Analysis Can Drive Neuroscience Research Forward

Historically, sex differences have captivated the interests of researchers from many realms of academia. Evolutionary biologists have come a long way in investigating the link between species survival, sexual dimorphism, and mate choice. Physiologists have been pivotal in elucidating the divergent bodily functions of the different human sexes. Sociologists have even examined the roles of…

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